Our core values

Our Clients First

We place our clients' needs above all else. Our clients place a high level of trust in us, and we do not take this lightly.

Add value

Our job is to Add Value EVERY TIME; Whether they need our services or not.

Demonstrate Integrity

We strive to act with complete and unconditional honesty, with principles of sound ethics and with proper alignment of priorities. We take our Fiduciary Responsibility very seriously.

adapt to change

We believe that for everyone involved to be successful, we must be willing and able to adapt quickly and efficiently to change. We do not shun change; we welcome it.

achieve balance

We value and expect hard work at every level from ourselves, yet we believe that work is not our greatest purpose in life. We place a higher value on, God, family, giving back and making a positive impact in society and in our client’s lives.

Products and Services

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UTMA / UGMA Accounts

New Plans
Managing Current Plans

529 Plans

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No cost Financial Consultation and Advice

Our Advisors

Phillip Palmer


CELL: (928) 853-9020

Bruce Bryce

Board Member

CELL: 480-773-8030

Kurt Castaneda


CELL: 602-451-4252

Jeff Brown

CPA, Financial Advisor

OFFICE: 480-820-0744

Craig Connolly

Financial Advisor

CELL: 480-202-0616

Maegan Cooley

Financial Advisor

CELL: 602-695-0791

Sydney Johnson

Financial Advisor

CELL: 928-322-0184

Daniel Morris

Financial Advisor

CELL: 928-965-5023

Tyrell Smith

Financial Advisor

CELL: 719-821-7645

Nate Sorensen

CPA, Financial Advisor

OFFICE: 928-428-0800

Jason Wiseman

Financial Advisor

CELL: 480-861-6111

George Gadzik

Financial Advisor

CELL: 480-600-3582


Mandy Castañeda

Chelsie Aden

Lourdes Nieto

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Bruce Bryce • Phillip Palmer • Daniel Morris

Nate Sorensen, CPA • Sydney Johnson

Kurt Castaneda • Jason Wiseman • Daniel Morris • Craig Connolly • Maegan Cooley

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