Sydney Johnson

Financial Advisor

Sydney Johnson is a Registered Investment Advisor located in the Gila Valley. She works closely with Nate Sorensen, and as a team they approach investment strategy with a specialized perspective on tax and retirement planning. Sydney enjoys researching the many investment opportunities to identify the options that best suit your needs and personal situation, as well as attempt maximize the earning potential of your hard-earned funds. She doesn’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to wealth accumulation. She’ll work to develop a relationship of trust and transparency to best understand your goals.

In addition to individual investment services, Sydney also helps small businesses set up and manage 401k plans. As a 401k advisor, she ensures key features are included to enhance benefits for both the employer and employees. These plans help attract and retain quality employees, which can make all the difference in running a successful business. Sydney helps navigate all of the plan setup options that are often confusing without expert guidance. After the plan is established, Sydney is available to work with employees one-on-one to explore and explain investment options that may potentially be of the greatest benefit to their personal situations.

Sydney grew up in Thatcher and attended Arizona State University to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. She’s been employed at Sorensen Financial since 2020 as a tax preparer and joined Ash Creek Financial in 2022. Currently, she resides in Pima with her husband Bobby and their little girl Karsyn.